Most of my fountains are commissions and are designed to be appropriate for the location and the taste of the client.  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom designed fountain.

New Stacked Limestone FountainItalian Garden FountainStacked Bluestone Vessel FountainHarp FountainHarp FountainStacked Amherst Sandstone FountainMini Basalts FountainNew FountainLabryrinth Entrance FountainColorfalls Water FeatureSplit Basalt FountainChurch FountainVintage Fountain Fountain 2008-3Stacked Granite Slabs FountainFountain 2008-2Three stacks fountainBluestone FountainHome and Garden Show FountainBalancing Act Fountain Fountain 2008-1Basalt FountainMemorial FountainDumping Jug FountainWall FountainThree Pillar FountainStacked Stone FountainBluestone Fountain With LightBluestone Fountain With Light at NightA Vintage Gardens Gallery FountainCajun Red FountainStacked Dimensional Sandstone FountainFindlay FountainStacked Desert Cobble FountainGranite Sphere FountainsDriveway FountainMini Basalt Columns FountainStone Oak FountainStacked Stone Vessel FountainDesert Cobblestone FountainGrindstone FountainThree Fountains in PondGranite FountainStacked Boulder FountainStacked Granite FountainTall Stacked Stone FountainZen Garden FountainThree Pillar Boulder FountainTurtleback FountainFountainLimestone FountainStacked Boulder FountainZen Garden FountainSculptural FountainBeach Pebble Top FountainFace Wall FountainStacked Boulder FountainDriveway FountainPink FountainStacked Stone FountainStonehenge FountainStacked Mexican Beach PebblesDesert Cobble FountainTurtles FountainBrown Sandstone FountainBetween the TreesGold Candy Rock FountainButton FountainGarden FountainGranite PillarZen FountainLabyrinth FountainArtPrize 2015 BaseNew fountain in my yardFindlay Stacked Boulder FountainBluestone  Vessel FountainNHA Water Wall